D8Some parts of NWFP province of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir faced a heavy earthquake (7.6-magnitude) at 8:42 AM on 8th October 2005 which resulted in damage to many buildings and have claimed many lives in these regions. This high magnitude quake has wiped out several villages and so far killed at least 85,000 people and injured 80,000. An estimated more three million people became homeless. Therefore, in order to cope up with the challenge of providing better shelter to our dear fellow citizens who were the victims of 8th October 2005 natural disaster/ earthquake, Aasthan Latif Welfare Society initiated its shelter project through installing pre-fabricated houses in the affected areas in order to provide better shelters to the homeless victims in the affected region.

Aasthan Latif Welfare Society in collaboration with Bilal Associates, a well-reputed construction company (whose board of directors are also active members of ALWS), designed and fabricated a practical and viable concept of prefabricated low cost dwellings named as “Pakistan – Hamara Ghar” (Pakistan our House) in order to provide better shelters to the victims.

We are very proudly to state that we were the first organization who presented such a practical & viable solution to provide better shelters to earthquake victims than tents and one of our model houses type ‘A’ placed at PAF Museum, Karachi on 13th October 2005 just after 5 days after earthquake. We have so far designed, manufactured and installed three types of dwellings. Some salient features/ Key Benefits/ details of these dwellings are:

  • Tapered roof style – will provide maximum protection in case of rain, snow fall etc.
  • Easy to assemble and dismantle
  • All material is usable in case residents want to rebuild their own houses.
  • Equipped with a Door, a window.
  • Steel can be easily re-used and re-cycled at the end of a structure’s life. In addition, a steel frame does not warp or rot, it doesn’t burn or add fuel to bush fires, and it is impervious to termite attack.
  • It can be combined into two or more modules to form a large family home.
  • Because the house is fully prefabricated, disruption to the site is minimal – the only site works required are simple assembling.
  • Lightweight and Less Scrap/Waste.
  • The roof, walls and other structure/material of 10 houses (Type A & B) arrive on a single flat bed-truck.
  • Fire Resistant, Termite Proof, and No Rotting.
  • Extremely Cost effective.
  • Better than tents & make shift arrangements.
  • Long life (more than 15 years)
  • Protection from animals
  • And many more
Types Size Specification Cost
A 10 feet x 14 feet,
covering area – 140 sq. ft
Steel made tapered roof Hut made of Steel pipes (16 gauge/ 1.29 mm thickness), Corrugated Steel Sheets 26 Gauge/ 0.405 mm thickness) for walls & roof with a plain steel sheet made door and one window. Pak Rupees: 45,800/- or
US$ 764/-(inclusive of transportation and installation at site).
B 10 feet x 12 feet,
covering area – 120 sq. ft
Steel made tapered roof Hut made of Steel pipes (16 gauge/ 1.29 mm thickness), Plain Steel Sheets (28 Gauge/ 0.436 mm thickness) on both sides of walls with insulation inside and corrugated sheets for roof with insulation. A plain steel sheet made door and one window. Pak Rupees: 42,500/- or
US$ 708/-(inclusive of transportation and installation at site)
C 12 feet x 16 feet,
covering area – 238 sq. ft
Wooden structure hut with plain sheets (28 gauge/.436 mm) on both sides of walls and corrugated sheets for roof. A plain steel sheet made door and one window. Pak Rupees: 22,000/- or
US$ 367/- (inclusive of transportation of material and installation at site. The cost of wooden structure including wood and labor being borne by community themselves i.e. approximately Rs: 12,000/-


So far we have installed 62 such houses during November – December 2005 as per details given below:

Village District / Province / Territory Type A Type B Type C Totals
Timmy Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir 05 0 33 38
Mustanba Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir 05 0 0 05
Malooka Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir 0 0 10 10
Ghari Duppatta – Rati Deero Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir 0 02 0 02
Ghata Sheri Batgram, NWFP 01 0 01 02
Thakot Barser Batgram, NWFP 0 01 0 01
Jeeraid Kaghan, NWFP 0 04 0 04
Totals 11 07 40 58


All project activities were implemented, supervised & monitored voluntarily by the members & volunteers of Aasthan Latif Welfare Society and Bilal Associates at Karachi as well as in the affected areas. Complete report (In urdu language) were sent to each donor/ sponsor of the shelter.