Aasthan Latif Welfare Society (ALWS) has so far carried out number of development activities in the whole district Thatta and some parts of districts Tando Mohd Khan, Hyderabad, Karachi & Badin of Sindh Province, Pakistan since 1989. Its main focus always remained on the betterment of primary education for girls in the rural and remote areas of these districts where there is a lack of basic facilities. ALWS has so far worked in more than 2500 villages of these districts and has a large number of volunteers in these villages. Aasthan Latif Welfare Society has been actively involved in improving rural livelihoods through its projects of girl’s education, literacy, social mobilization, women development, water & sanitation, environment awareness, tree plantation, capacity building of community groups etc.

The Confidence building of communities is the most valuable asset of Aasthan Latif Welfare Society. Community Participation is our main key of success in all our This community participation & mobilization is achieved only after a long struggle and efforts of more than 16 years of motivation and mobilization of community.

The agent of change must also know the socio-economic conditions, cultural norms and environments of the respondents. The total staff & personnel of NGO are local and they knew the cultural norms of the targeted area and environment. The NGO’s personnel have the knowledge about the power relations and social stratification in the communities of the target areas. Aasthan Latif Welfare Society is not any outsider who just came to help & facilitates communities of rural masses of Sindh, without knowing their background, cultural norms and local environment. Apart from NGOs personnel and staff, it has also core of both trained and untrained volunteers in the targeted villages.

The different methods of effective communication & mobilization such as workshops, community meetings, film & slide shows, posters, training of communities, education gatherings, education rallies, motivational campaigns etc. were used for community mobilization.

Aasthan Latif Welfare Society has carried out number of development activities in the district Thatta since 1989. Some of the major development activities carried out are as under:

  • Successfully demonstrated its gender awareness campaign for its girl’s non formal education program during 1991-1996.
  • Initiated its community Girls primary schools project from the year 1996.
  • Formed & trained more than 500 Village Development Committees (VDCs) (both males & females) on Participatory Planning & Management in 400 villages during 1990-1998.
  • Trained Government’s formed School Management Committees & local Community based organizations on community mobilization during 2000-2002.
  • Trained many community organizations on installation and maintenance of shallow hand pumps and also provided shallow hand pumps to some 75 villages in District Thatta.
  • Aasthan Latif Welfare Society has also been actively involved in the skill development training for rural females for income generation and established women development centre in Thatta in the year 1999.
  • Established One Middle School for Girls in the year 1997.
  • Established 10 Adult Female Literacy Centres in the year 1996.
  • Started free medical camps for rural children and women in the rural areas from the year 1995.
  • Provided sanitation material to some 75 villages during the year 1994-1996
  • Initiated Tree Plantation & Environment Awareness Campaigns 1994-1995.
  • Initiated Polio Awareness Campaign during 1993-1998 throughout District Thatta Sindh, Pakistan.
  • Initiated its Social Mobilization Campaign for Enhancing Enrolment in Government Schools during 2000-2001.
  • Initiated its Social Mobilization Campaign for Child Friendly Schools during 2002.
  • Initiated its adult literacy project for both males & females during 2004-2005.

More than 50,000 rural community members including children have so far directly benefited through our different projects / activities.