Adult Functional Literacy

Project Description

Aasthan Latif Welfare Society has been engaged in adult literacy since 1995 by opening 5 adult literacy centres in the year 1996 . In these centres, formal primary school books were taught. However after success of these centres, the program was redesigned with addition of functional literacy course. ALWS designed and published its own literacy course/curriculum as per expressed learning needs of the targeted learners with an objective to reduce illiteracy rate among rural youths & adults through functional literacy centres in the rural areas of District Thatta, Sindh and increase their knowledge level related to their own social, economical, cultural & environmental norms & conditions through 6 months functional literacy course/classes.

The major activities of this project were:

  • Survey/ data collection /need assessment
  • Community motivation & mobilization meetings
  • Identification of teachers & learners.
  • Agreements with communities
  • Curriculum development
  • Training of teachers
  • Opening & functioning of CFLCs.
  • Mid term & final assessment of learners
  • Monitoring & evaluation.

The project successfully completed in July 2006. Through this project, 6963 learners (2469 males & 4467 females) passed out their final examination and after they were award literacy certificates . As a result of this project, literacy rate among rural population increased from 19.2% to 31.9% in 183 targeted villages by the end of financial year 2014.

Learning Resource Centre:

In order to provide some more learning opportunities to neo literates who were graduated from literacy centres in Union Council Bijoro, Aasthan Latif Welfare Society established one Learning Resource Centre (LRC) @ Ranta, village Union Council Bijoro, Taluka Sujawal, District Thatta, on 20th April 2005 .

The buildings for the centre has been provided free of cost by community themselves and a legal document have been signed by community with NGO for donating one room building for establishing and running LRC. The books etc. have been arranged jointly by Aasthan Latif Welfare Society and community members themselves.. Apart from learners of Ranta village, learners of 15 literacy centres of nearby villages are also benefitting through this LRC. So far some following activities have been done at LRC:

  • Daily opening of LRC for 8 hours since April 2005
  • Reading newspapers, books etc. by 200 neo-learners.
  • Issuance of books for reading to 165 learners & 389 to others.
  • One day free medical camps for the villagers with free medicines.
  • Meetings of villagers/ community members regarding literacy centres and LRC.
  • Meetings with district administration for solution of their problems.
  • Small cash Loan (Rs: 10,000/member) loans to 54 CFLC graduates for their income generation activities through Khushali Bank.
  • Environment awareness program in the village through plantation. One nursery has been setup in front of LRC where training were imparted to volunteers by forest department.
  • Flood relief & rescue service in the year 2010-15 to Ranta and other nearby villages.