A.G.ALASTIMy Dear Fellow Spirit!

GOD Bless You

I being a Sufi (mystic of God) call you my Fellow Spirit, because I have learnt by my personal experience and through the teachings of mystics that we are all same Spirits of God sent here in our different bodies (vestures) to work for Kingdom of God on earth; The Kingdom of Truth, Beauty and Goodness.

I am now 77 years of age and knowing this about 20 years back, I started two movements from Thatta Sindh to work towards that goal of all human beings on earth, in my humble way. God helped me through and I pioneered non formal primary education system to girls in 1990 in South Asia by the assistance of UNICEF, Pakistan through Aasthan Latif Welfare Society. This system and its schools were replicated later by all the countries of South Asia and Africa, where the system is still in vogue and such schools are running successfully, Later I launched also Girls Education Movement – World (GEM-World) from Thatta in 1994.

But before this, about 10 years back I had started also a Peace Movement from Thatta which I named Society of World Peace (SOW Peace). This was also a pioneer work. For the first time in Sindh Pakistan – peace marches were held by me and my society against all the Atomic and other weapons on earth.

The above was to tell you how a poor rural man who had at times had not even enough money to feed or educate his children) was helped by God miraculously as he worked for God and world. God sent him miracles in the persons of His Godly men and women. Either he went to them, informed by Him or they came to him, chosen by Him.

Hence this invitation to you also, My Dear Fellow Spirit! So either come to me to help me in these two World Movements or I come to you to help you in them. Both are for Basic Good of all life on earth; (1) Peace in World, ban on all wars and banishment of all weapons from it, (2) Education of all mothers of mankind in Word the Lord on planet earth, that they work for kingdom of God, each on her hearth..

I now wait upon you as Spirit to Spirit craving to work with you here or there on these two Godly Missions on earth till I am alive in it.

God Bless You, Help You, Guide You.

Prayerfully Yours
A Fellow Spirit

Called Fakir Alasti

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