An Appeal To World People

Why you forget us on Indus?
Are we not human beings like others?
Like as you in your own country
Fathers, sons, daughters, mothers

Don’t you know we need today
Your things, money, prayers and love
In the aftermaths of the earthquake
Which has unto you us as human drove?

If NOT you, then whom we call
The cats and dogs for help?
Instead of crying out to you
Like them caterwaul and yelp – ?

We know among humans on earth
There are some deaf dumb and blind
But how could you be also one of them
Who this appeal on this page find?

Take off one meal of your day
And send its money to us
Spare only one cloth of your stock
And dispatch it down to Indus

Ah hungry, thirsty and forlorn
We are shivering in severe cold
Sitting on the dumps of our dead ones
Nothing telling can be more told

O help is, help us – someday
We shall help you too as humans
Today we are suffering for our sins
Tomorrow you might also as Homo sapiens

Our past, present, future is one
Our deeds good or bad are also one
So let hence on to good only
Let with us – the will of God be done

With us will of God be done
With us will of God be done…..

(By Fakir Alasti, Founder & Patron ALWS)