Aasthan Latif Welfare Society (ALWS) is a locally registered non-political, non-government, non-commercial/profit & non-religious organization established on 2nd January 1989 in the small town “Darro”, District Thatta, Sindh, Pakistan. It was formed by a group of peoples led by Mr. Abdul Ghafoor Alasti, who dedicated themselves for the promotion of basic education for girls in the rural areas of Sindh. The Society is known as “ALAST” in Pakistan. ALST is the abbreviation of “Aasthan Latif Samaji Tanzeem” (The translation of Aasthan Latif Welfare Society in Sindhi Language). ALAST is also a word from spiritual meaning “Given to the Word of GOD”.

The society started its campaign for literacy in 1989 and independently worked for the promotion of education in the rural areas of Sindh. The society had very humble beginnings – a thatched roof office which turned into a coaching center for children who had dropped out from schools because they could no longer afford to attend. Thousands of children were thus coached, provided schoolbooks, scholarships and uniforms, enabling them to rejoin school. ALWS has successfully demonstrated its gender awareness campaign for its girl’s education program. ALWS is also pioneers in Non-Formal Primary Education for rural girls in whole of Pakistan and started its NFPE program in rural areas of Sindh in the year 1991.

Apart from its girl’s education programs, ALWS has been actively involved in improving rural livelihood through its educational, adult literacy, water & sanitation, environment awareness, women development, mother & child health, capacity building of community groups’ projects & activities. Community Participation is our main key of success in all our projects. So far more than 50,000 rural community members have directly benefited through our activities/ projects.

The agent of change must also know the socio-economic conditions, cultural norms and environments of the respondents. The total staff & personnel of ALWS are local and they know the cultural norms of the targeted area and traditions. The ALWS’s personnel have the knowledge about the power relations and social stratification in the communities of the target areas that have have been proved through building a strong confidence among rural communities of targetted areas about ALWS. The Confidence building of communities is the most valuable asset of Aasthan Latif Welfare Society.

It has so far covered whole District Thatta and parts of District Badin, District Jamshoro & District Tando Mohd Khan, Sindh, Pakistan.